How do I write my resume?

Understanding your goal
When writing a resume, first of all – you need to understand why do you need a professional resume.s

How do I write my resume?

Nowadays, a resume is required by almost every employer in the US (if not each an every) and also in other countries. Just a formality – someone will say. Well, maybe, but so it happened that this formality has become one of the crucial elements that affect the employers' decision about whether to hire you or not. Why? Because, as you know, usually there are not two or three candidates applying for the same position  - this number is rather multiplied by tens or hundreds of times. Recruiters simply physically cannot have a decent conversation with all of the job appliers – they need to close the position as soon as possible and choose the best candidate. That's where resume helps. But, as you have already understood, everybody has a resume, and looking through all of them will not be much more time-effective, than talking with all of the candidates, and thus – only a few resumes are actually read by the employers eventually.

So your resume, beside being a formality, like someone might think - is certainly the key from the doors that leads to your goal - desired career path.

Thus, it obviously deserves quite a lot of attention to be paid at. But how to make it be special so that I can be sure that it will catch an eye of the employer - a resume is just a document where all my past work experience and education is recorded, right?

Well, right – roughly speaking. However, we can assure you that the way of crafting a masterpiece resume exists and we are ready to help you to write such.

How to write my resume correctly?

1. Understand what it should not be like:

Might sound strange, but still – in order to write a great resume you need to know what mistakes to avoid.

  • it should not be just a listing of your job or educational history
  • it should not be a sequence of epithets, describing how cool and unrivaled you are
  • it should not be written with the help of a random template you found on the internet

2. Choose an appropriate format

What? Does the format matter – eventually it will contain more or less the same information regardless of the format?

Yes, the format matters. There are various fields, different employers and thousands of different position. Thus, it wouldn't even be logical if the same kind of resume was required by each of them, right?

There are different formats:

- Chronological Resume

Chronological Resume is one of the most popular formats, as it is often preferred among the recruiters. Name "Chronological" is self-explanatory - it's called so, because of the reverse-chronological order of your professional history, starting with your most recent position on the top.

This type would be very efficient if you want to stress out your exceptional career growth and vice-versa – it would play against you if you use it, for example, if you have just graduated and have worked only one job or don't have any experience at all.

There a lot of other examples of when to use and when not to use chronological resumes and you can always seek for help with resume at – our professional writers are always on your side.

- Functional Resume

Another effective resume writing format is a functional resume. This format is concentrated mainly on stressing out your skills and accomplishments and points less on the work history. This trick is very useful, in certain cases, for example:

  • You're haven't been working anywhere yet
  • You have noticeable gaps during your career history
  • You were working on different positions
  • You're thinking about changing the field of your activity (read more about this in the article Career Change Resume)

Also, after executing certain pre-research before our resume writing professionals, who are also experts in different fields can advise which exact employers prefer functional resume to other formats.

- Combination Resume

Again, as it is obvious from the name – combination resume is a mix of the best parts of chronological and functional resumes.

So how to write a combination resume?

Well, as our writers always do before writing a resume of any format for any person – they are defining which skills are the most valuable for the candidate's desired position and then reflecting your previous accomplishments and all the strong sides of the job seeker that reflects these skills the most.

Secondly, it is necessary to mention all your previous positions and current job (if you haven't left your current job yet). But again, here is the part where people usually make a bunch of crucial mistakes. Remember, as we found out at the beginning of this article - "Resume should not be just a listing of your job or educational history". It is one of the highest importances to do that in a professional way. And our writers will do that even better for you.

So, these are the most popular resume formats and each of them can be the most suitable in different situations.

But is that all? Choosing the right format depending on my situation and just write it. Well, again – only roughly speaking, as there are are a bunch of other things which are very important as well.

3. Select the class of your resume

And what does that mean? The structure of each resume format is more or less the same, however, there are different classes of job you are interested in. For example, you might want to apply for, let's say Sales Agent position. But there are different levels of sales agent and employers are looking for all of them. However, you must understand what exactly does the employer seeking and what deal would be the best for you to sell your workforce.

- Entry Resume

Even though when you are just going to enter your first work experience, there's still a space to play with your resume writing and let the employer know that you can be even better than other candidates for the same position, who already have some experience, and, definitely the best among the same guys like you, who don't have any experience.

But how to write a resume, taking into account such conditions – will you ask? In fact, there are many things to highlight in the entry-level resume – academical projects, volunteering, some short-term job tasks you performed during summer and a lot of other stuff which can be applied in your particular situation. What exactly can be done and how – you can find online on and our professional writers will sort this out.

- Professional's Resume

Feeling like you have already gained all the possible experience on your current job and you need and are ready to grow up professionally? Well, sometimes promotion on your current place can be an option, but, since you are reading this – you have probably recognized much better opportunities outside. In this case, you need to apply for a new job – but does this process have to be exactly the same as it was when I applied for my previous (or current job)? Of course not – and your resume is the first and most important thing that must evolve together with your gained skills.

Now you're much more experienced, and this should be recognizable right from the first look at your resume – it should be quite strict – in such cases better to avoid adding sections with your hobbies or some extra activities, which are not related to your job. However, keep in mind that at the same time it shouldn't be boring.

Resumes for professional's are much more diverse, depending on the situation, so we strongly recommend to take it seriously and consult with our resume writing professionals.

- Executive position Resume

Executive positions are much rarer than any others and of course, companies would like to hire an exceptional person for themselves. These resumes are rather different and shall not only describe previous companies you worked at and emphasizing your responsibilities but mainly what do your capabilities lead to and how is it useful for the company.

You must find out what does the company needs exactly at the moment and show that you know how to achieve it and also show that you've already successfully handled such tasks earlier.

Need help with your resume?

Of course, We understand that it might be a bit confusing to write a resume, even having concluded what is your goal, chosen the right resume format and type. After all, you were concentrating on enlarging your professional skills, not perfecting your resume, right?

And you will agree that it's a pity to get refused in your dream job, not because of the actual lack of skills but because your resume hasn't impressed the employer and he didn't even have a chance to know you.

Yes, that's true and I need help with my resume, but where to find someone who can make a resume for me?

Indeed, that's a kind of issue nowadays. Cause even though there are dozens of resume writing services online and you can find someone to write your resume in a moment, but who can write it professionally? Only people who are related to your field.

But who from my field will write a professional resume for me - as in this case, one will help his competitor?

That's exactly why our company exists – to solve such problems. We have professional writers who are experts in different fields themselves, creating masterpiece resumes. Moreover, you can do it online and exactly in terms!

So, apply now at - let us write you a resume that will already now bring you closer to the paycheck from your new employer!:)

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With this package you also get:

  • Modern and ATS compatible design

  • Two versions: .doc for ATS scanning and .pdf for printing purposes

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