An outstanding teacher resume will help you to obtain a teacher position

Being a teacher is not only a profession. It is a definite lifestyle a person chooses. It requires lots of inspiration, skills, great dedication, and of course, special education. Moreover, a teacher should really love children and be eager to assist them to develop an interest in different subjects and the studying process. If you have these qualities, then it will not be a challenge to get a good job. To start with you need a well-written teacher resume to guarantee that you will receive a position. Remember, such work requires stress resistance, expressiveness, and ability to build good relationships with kids. Agree, that the main aim of a great teacher is not only giving knowledge but also teaching students to use received skills in everyday life.

Are you eager to get such a job? Then prepare to create a perfect teacher resume that will attract attention and help to find a good place to work. We will be glad to provide you with all necessary information. Go on reading, learn useful tips, remember the most significant points and write a successful resume. Feel free to use our samples to save time and avoid possible mistakes.

teacher resume

What is the secret of a winning resume

Remember: a resume is created only for a specific job. There must be distinctness. Never write such information: I am ready to obtain the position of a teacher or a nanny. As a rule, it works very badly.

Do you want to know why? The reason is quite evident. Various vacancies differ in salary, as well as the required obligations. All in all, it will be strange to see that the same person is ready to accept job offers, which differ from each other greatly. This raises serious doubts on a person’s account.

What to include in a resume

Start with an objective. Exactly this point can attract attention to your candidacy. Avoid irrelevant words and use clear word-combinations in order not to make readers confused. Don’t use first person pronouns and include power words. Make the sentences quite short and specific. Finally, choose 2-3 critical skills and focus on them.

Moreover, a teacher resume as any other must have a definite set of information. Be sure you are ready to write about:

  1. Personal information. Provide relevant and reliable information in this section:

    • Full surname and name;
    • Date of birth;
    • Place of residence. It is allowed to indicate not a fully expanded address, but the city should be included as well.
    • In some cases, you can specify citizenship, especially if such a requirement is indicated in the vacancy.
    • Contact information for communication: telephone, e-mail, Skype, etc. It is important to pay attention to your email address, which will be listed in this section. It must be written correctly, and you should use it actively. Also, think about the name of the "address", remember what impression you will make if the address contains some inappropriate words such as beauty, hero etc
  2. Photo. It is an optional element, but in some cases, the employer requires its presence.

    If you’d like to harm yourself, then place a photo from a wedding or a party with a cocktail. Attach a photo made in a business suit at the workplace. Keep track of photo quality and own facial expression on it. It’s better to miss this point in case of a lack of suitable photo.

  3. Education. As it has been mentioned above, a teacher must get a pedagogical education. Begin with the following information and remember some rules:

    • Indicate the name of educational institution, year of graduation, gained specialization/profession correctly;
    • Schools must not be mentioned in the case of having secondary special or higher education;
    • Do not list all attended training during working. Mention additional courses and seminars that are suitable to the required position
  4. Experience. Here must include all the places you worked previously. Include information about responsibilities, tasks and other important features. Write about outside involvement as well. Remember that most employers pay special attention to the following section. So try to write everything properly to show you are a really skilled professional with great experience.

  5. Photo. It is an optional element, but in some cases, the employer requires its presence.

    If you’d like to harm yourself, then place a photo from a wedding or a party with a cocktail. Attach a photo made in a business suit at the workplace. Keep track of photo quality and own facial expression on it. It’s better to miss this point in case of a lack of suitable photo.

  6. Personal qualities. Most employers focus on the candidate's personal qualities. Think twice before mentioning any of them. Here is the list of possible features of character:

    • demand;
    • sociability;
    • love for children;
    • wisdom;
    • perseverance;
    • optimism;
    • good organization;
    • responsibility;
    • patience;
    • respect for people;
    • honesty.

    Of course, these are not all features you can mention. But be ready to prove you really have them

  7. Additional skills. Here a candidate has a wide range of options to mention. Of course, computer skills are a must for a modern teacher. It is difficult to imagine an interesting lesson for smart students without a presentation or whiteboard usage. Point out programs that you actually know well. If the employer decides to confirm your skills at the interview and finds out that you exaggerated, this might be your last conversation. The general level of proficiency in a PC can be described as follows:

    a) a beginner;

    b) an average level user;

    c) a confident user;

    d) an advanced user.

    Thus, you can include information about your knowledge of

    • operating systems;
    • computer programs;
    • office apps.

    Of course, these are not all features you can mention. But be ready to prove you really have them

  8. Available certificates. Boast available awards, prizes and similar things in the section of certificates. Add information about publications and certificates if you have them. This will help you to appear as a determined person who sets goals and reaches them. Don’t forget about including various training, as they are also significant. For example, you are an English teacher and have obtained some certificates like TKT, TOEFL, etc. Be sure, it is your significant benefit, as an employer will definitely appreciate it. This proves you are regularly increasing your professional level and are ready to work hard to meet the necessary requirements.

    These are necessary sections of any teacher resume. Be sure you have mentioned all required information in a proper way so that an employer will surely pay attention to it. But you'd better pay attention to some valuable tips before starting to write a resume.

Necessary tips to mind when creating a resume

These professional but still simple tips will make teacher resume writing a real pleasure. Keep them in mind to make the resume look fantastic.

  1. Education. Put it in a special category. Place it at the very top in case you have no experience yet. Don’t forget to include data courses, degrees or available certifications.
  2. Achievements. Add duties here. Numbers will better underline achieved success.
  3. Experience. Don't think that some work is not important. You'd better include all the places where you worked with children. It may be as a volunteer or other positions related to a teaching qualification.
  4. Format. Give special attention to a prepared format. Choose relevant fonts and use enough white space. Follow one format in resume writing.
  5. Check-up. Editing of a teacher resume is obligatory. Proofread it attentively in order to correct mistakes. Remember, any mistake (punctual, grammar, spelling) will spoil a resume and bring all attempts to obtain a great position to nothing.
  6. Add a cover letter to a resume.

Reasons to create a cover letter

To begin with, candidates send cover letters along with a resume. Their main goal is to assist you in receiving the desired job. A good cover letter should:

  • Be concise

A cover letter should not take up more than one printed A4 page. You shouldn’t repeat everything that an employer can read in a resume. It is better to highlight or supplement some basic points that you are proud of or consider it useful to indicate.

  • Be written in professional language

It is forbidden to use slang, abbreviations, and other similar things in a cover letter, as in any other official document. State your thoughts clearly, add facts as well as motivation - this is enough for an attractive cover letter, and the chances of being invited for a further meeting will grow.

  • Identify your strengths

You need to praise yourself in the cover letter but do it tactfully and moderately. You should not paint your former achievements in bright colors, but some real numbers will help to evaluate your work.

  • Avoid grammatical errors

You can be 100% sure of your literacy, but double-checking the text never hurts. Use special services to check grammar and punctuation if it’s necessary.

Follow the basic principles of writing cover letters, but remember that the main task of such a letter is to interest a potential employer to invite you for further interview.

Why people write unnecessary things in the resume

Does all mentioned above information seem too difficult for you? Never mind as there is a great way out. There are many professional services, which are ready to help you with preparing a teacher resume. But not all of them are worth your attention and time. That’s why you should be very attentive when choosing a particular company. These are important points to take into consideration to make the right decision:

  1. Experience and customers’ comments;
  2. Pricing system and conditions of cooperation;
  3. Security control and guarantees;
  4. Available support system.

Remember these factors when deciding what company to select. Remember, it is a question of your reputation and future career.

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teacher resume


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