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Your resume is your individual presentation, leaving the first, but most lasting impression. Therefore, before you write it, think about where you are sending it and who would receive it, how it would be read, and in which folder it would be placed. Remember, the work of the HR manager is not aimed at selecting suitable resumes, but at rejecting inappropriate ones.
We will first consider the main points of a resume and advise on resume preparation, then the points that can be used as needed, and finally, in conclusion, you will find some general tips for writing a resume. Tip one - a resume should be compiled on a computer, preferably in an MS Word editor.

Professional resume preparation service

Five main points of the resume:

Surname, Name, and Patronymic

The word "resume" is usually not written. Better write in large letters (18-20 font), in the center, on top of your last name, first name, and patronymic. Such a title will help you quickly find your resume in a pile of hundreds of similar papers. The words "Surname", "Name", and "Patronymic" are better not to write.

Contact Information

Here it is necessary to provide in the most complete and thorough way information that would allow you to quickly and efficiently contact you if you are interested in and want to invite you for an interview. When indicating the telephone number (s), do not forget to make appropriate notes, for example, “work”, “home”, “mobile”, etc., also indicate the time when you can be call. Remember the faster the human resources officer contacts you, the more chances you have to get around your competitors in getting this or that job.


The employer, as a rule, carries out a set of several vacancies, so be sure to make the heading "Target" the next heading. Here you should write what vacancy, job, or field of activity you are applying for. In the paragraph "purpose" you can also indicate your wishes, requirements for a future job.


Create the heading "Education" and list educational institutions, schools, courses, institutes, etc. which you have already completed or still continuing to study:

  • Use either reverse chronological order, i.e. indicate the last place of study first, or the principle of significance, i.e. First indicate the place of study most significant for the job you are looking for.
  • For each place of study, provide the following information: the period of study with the exact (month, year) indicating the start and end dates of studies; place of study (if the name of the educational institution does not indicate its location, indicate the city, country) and, finally, indicate the qualifications that you received at the end of the training, i.e. indicate the title (certificate, diploma, certificate, etc. in the specialty).
  • List only those places of study that are important for the job you are looking for.

Work experience

This is the most important part of the resume, which describes work experience (if any), including practice. Create the heading "Work Experience" and list the places of your former work:

  • Use either reverse chronological order, i.e. indicate the last place of work first;
  • For each place of work, provide the following information: company name; the scope of the company; period of employment with an exact (month, year) indication of the start and end dates of work; position; duties (in three or four sentences describe your responsibilities); professional skills and achievements.
  • List only those jobs that are important for the job you are looking for.
  • Do not leave spaces in the dates of the busy period.

This ends the mandatory information, without which your resume is unlikely to be used for its intended purpose and begins, although not mandatory, but no less important part. You are given the opportunity to specify additional information about yourself, but remember, you should indicate only what is directly related to the "goal".

Additional Information

For example, you know how to work on a computer, know a foreign language, have a typewriter, you have a driver’s license. If any of these skills will help you cope with your future responsibilities, then indicate them by creating the appropriate headings, for example, "computer knowledge", "foreign languages", etc. Specialists, for example, programmers, are advised to provide more detailed information (programming languages, operating systems, databases, Internet programming). In the section "foreign languages" it is advisable to indicate not only the level of language proficiency but also where and for how long you have been learned it. Depending on the “purpose”, it may be appropriate to indicate “awards”, “publications”, “participation in conferences”, etc.

When a resume is already written

  1. Make sure that in the description of your current work you used verbs in the present tense, and in the description of previous places of work - verbs in the past tense.
  2. Check that there are no too long phrases, complex and incomprehensible words.
  3. Clearly highlight the necessary headings.
  4. Make sure your resume is in the same style.
  5. Choose a format that is easy to read: large margins, not small, but not too large font, sufficient line spacing, etc.

Although we live in a world where people look for work through friends and status on Facebook, a resume is still considered a must-have document for a serious job seeker. The problem is that the standard resumes written in Word are insanely similar to one another. Applicants try to stand out thanks to an unusual cover letter, not suspecting that the employer spends on average only six seconds to view each candidate’s letter. In such a situation, the text is not the best way to attract the attention of the employer. offers a fresh selection of 3 resume preparation services to create beautiful and most importantly - memorable resumes.

The creators of decided to end the boring lists of past jobs and descriptions of the qualities of the candidates. To do this, they created a website that allows you to turn a resume into a bright, entertaining and unique infographic. All you need to create is a LinkedIn profile that automatically transforms into infographics based on the selected template. In addition to LinkedIn, information can be imported from Twitter, Facebook, and even Foursquare.

The creators of Pathbrite primarily focused on people who are looking for a job for the first time in their lives, that is, students. Typically, a resume involves listing the places of previous work - it is not clear what to do for those who do not have experience at all, but have the necessary qualifications. The service allows you to talk about your skills in the form of a constantly updated collage.

A personal page on Pathbrite is a visual history of the acquisition of knowledge and experience, capturing the personal achievements of the applicant. There you can publish letters and certificates of completion of online courses, photographs, videos, essays, examples of student work - everything that allows you to get an idea of the features and creative potential of the applicant. Of course, the capabilities of the service go beyond the student audience. A page on Pathbrite can be a great addition to a standard resume, replacing a tired listing of a candidate’s personal qualities: initiative, teamwork, and ambitiousness.

Online resumes, infographics, and new professional social networks are nice additions to the classic resume format, which you still need to have on hand just in case. Good examples for such resumes can be found in the Google Template Library. But it’s even more convenient to use the service, which itself embeds information about education, places of work and skills in the selected template.

So, on the CV maker website, there are six free classic templates. Everything is strict, traditional and minimalistic here. And most importantly, there is an adaptation for the Russian language. The summary is available for saving in three formats: PDF, HTML, and txt.

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With this package you also get:

  • Modern and ATS compatible design

  • Two versions: .doc for ATS scanning and .pdf for printing purposes

  • Unlimited revisions within 45 days

  • Communication with your writer via emails at any time

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