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Everyone knows that a resume is already a necessary top attribute when looking for a job. And no matter what experience you have and what position you are applying for, any employer will definitely require it from you. Why is it needed at all and how can it help in this difficult task - job search?

The main purpose of the resume in 2019 is to distinguish you from other job seekers, attract the attention of the employer and, ultimately, invite you to an interview. And this is very difficult to do.

If you are looking for some resume inspiration? Welcome. You can use these resume samples to decide what experience and achievement to include and highlight in your own resume.

Accounting & Finance

If you don't know how to write resume and need any inspiration for your excellent financial services resume, then select the job title below to see our expertly 2019 resume samples. People who work in the field of accounting and auditing perform a large range of different tasks. They prepare tax documents and some financial reports in the areas of regulatory compliance, payables and receivables and investments, as well as many others. Specialists in accounting or audit can work directly for the company or act as consultants or consultors. The financial services industry offers many rousing career options. You can work in Wall Street or help people fill out tax returns, but it all involved in making, securing, or lending money to individuals or businesses.


A career as an administrative assistant, although is not the most glamorous one, is still an option with sustainable growth and career opportunities. It is predicted that the growth of administrative employment rise up by more than 10% by 2021. The best way to start is by pointing out your many years of experience and the main responsibilities that you have performed during all this time. Remember that a large resume will be compiled in accordance with the work that you are applying for, therefore, listing these responsibilities, try to fulfill the required responsibilities of this work. Next, you can tell the hiring manager about your unique qualities that will help this company achieve unrivaled success. Emphasize that you are an adaptable personality - this is a good feature since you are the first impression for new visitors and clients in the office. Finally, finish your career with your degree, certificates and a list of foreign languages that you can speak. Although it is not required to speak many languages for administrative assistants. But this can be a good bonus for you, especially if the company works with international clients.

Beauty & Wellness

Fashion and beauty are very fascinating but constantly changing sphere of our life. This industry offers a wide range of opportunities for those who like to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends and want to make the world more beautiful and fashionable. From hair styling to creating fashionable clothes or creating a new trendy nail design. Pleas, take a look at our sample resumes.

Business & Management

Bring a recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for a business management job. It is truly very simple. Modify your resume by selecting the appropriate responsibilities from the examples below, and then add your all achievements. Thus, it is an easier way to get hired. Create your ideal resume by choosing job responsibilities written by professional recruiters. Choose from thousands of jobs used by leading companies. Customize your resume by choosing the wording that works best for your job apply.


Nowadays, the labor market is too crowded, even more than 5 years ago, so it is very important to enter and get a good job, which will bring you not only pleasure but also money. And in order to get one, you must present yourself as the best in digital form - in the form of a resume. Broaden your horizons and study examples of creative resumes below to find out what are the possible options for applying for a resume. Who knows, maybe they will inspire you to come up with your own unique resume design? We really hope so.


The structure, format, and organization of your resume can say a lot about you as a professional. If your resume is difficult to read, it is chaotic and boring, then the hiring manager may decide that you are not organized. Only if your resume has a clear and structured layout, then the hiring manager is more likely to read your resume to the end, and not just review it. As a professional in the field of education, you need to be a highly organized person. You should choose a resume template that suits you. Result? A well-organized resume that doesn’t make you dizzy with hiring managers. You should also tell the hiring manager about your most impressive achievements in your field. Everything should be devoted to convincing the hiring manager that you are an excellent candidate with extensive experience in the industry. Remember to use confident language and strong words.


Engineering covers all aspects of our lives and in turn offers a wide range of career opportunities. Starting from the development of lasers and ending with testing bridges, everyone who has curiosity about how the physical world works and has a creative approach. Everyone has a huge number of opportunities to make our life better. If you need ideas for your engineering resume, select the job title below to see our expert-approved resume samples.


The government resume uses the same information as the standard resume, but it contains more detailed information about your skills, responsibilities and professional achievements. Creating a winning resume can be very challenging, as requirements change as the work environment develops. A typical federal resume runs between two to five pages, but longer that a standard one- or two-page resume. Stay up to date with all the events, and study strong resume templates. In them, you will see the best formatting and word choice.

Hospitality & Catering

When you work in fields like Hospitality and Catering you must be able to work well with many people. You should remember that it is a social field, you, without doubt, have what it takes to succeed in a highly human-oriented position. Don't forget to highlight this in your resume, let the hiring person who read your resume open this secret. What can you tell him or her about your previous experience in this field? Has teamwork enabled you to accomplish great things? Maybe you led interesting and modern projects to enhance hospitality and customer service goals? The hiring manager wants to make sure they are hiring someone who can make others satisfied and to do something new. If you can effectively convey your strong social skills in your resume, you will be hired on these position.


Writing a strong information technology (IT) resume requires attention to detail and a careful accounting of the skills, technical abilities, and software knowledge skill based you possess. You know you’ll excel suits fort this job, but you don't know how to prove it? Don’t worry! It’s very easy. With just a bit of time and this example, you’ll soon be talking about your professional IT resume at the interview. Here’s a sample of good resume for IT jobs made using resume builder.


The legal industry offers very interesting career options, you can start from a lawyer and end with a federal judge. This is a very competitive field with high entry levels, but remember that there is always a need for qualified professionals in the legal industry. If you are looking for inspiration for your legal resume, you are in the right place.

Maintenance & Repair

Having good hands and a tool kit in our time is not enough to work in the field of maintenance. You need a resume of technical service technician that can prove to the company that it can rely on you and your very capable hands. There are candidates who do not care too much about their resume. They either fill out the standard application form or download the simplest and most free templates. But for your resume to stand out, it must be original and meet the requirements of the employer. You must emphasize your ability to perform basic maintenance and repairs. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of building systems and equipment, as well as the ability to find good contact with other people. Maintenance technicians must have good physical stamina and a strong work ethic, since most of their work requires movement and lifting. You should also emphasize your knowledge of safety regulations. Remember that following these useful tips for creating your resume, you can find the position you need as a technical specialist.


Marketing resumes face a twofold problem: showing passion and creativity along with tough numbers to demonstrate particular results. Simultaneously demonstrating that you feel comfortable in both worlds of marketing requires a carefully crafted resume. The potential and favorable aspect, however, is huge. Choosing the right combination can mean that you get an interview. Get it and you`ll get the marketing role that you dreamed about. This is why this guide is intended to answer all your questions about how to write your marketing resume correctly.


The best sector in the country is the healthcare sector. It offers some of the best career opportunities in the country. If you are interested in a personal and financially profitable career, then please consider the healthcare industry. As a rule, it is a well-paid job with good working conditions. And your main goal is to improve people's lives. Due to the increase in the number of elderly people, the demand for medical workers continues to grow. Health and the medical sector cover many useful professions. Healthcare or medical industry is constantly looking for qualified professionals. Take a look at our best resume samples, job descriptions and other career resources.


Production workers work in various industries, such as food production, engineering or pharmaceuticals, and are responsible for the production and labeling of goods. Typical resume for this role pick out and emphasize responsibilities such as demonstrate accuracy in the assembly of components, ability handling heavy equipment and the ability to understand technical guide and a solid understanding of mechanical devices. Some soft skills also mention, such as the ability to multitask and work independently.

Sales & Real Estate

Whether you make your sales resume more modern or starting from nothing, these examples help you to create a resume that will be noticed.The life base of most enterprises is a close-knit sales team that helps in acquiring new customers and clients for their products and services. Successful sales professionals are representative and motivated and have extensive knowledge of the products and assistance they sell and their rivals.

Social Work

Social work is an area that requires great practical experience working with people in your community, so it’s important for you to demonstrate qualities such as active listening, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and empathy. To position yourself as the best social worker, express your support and commitment to your clients in your resume. A career goal gives you the opportunity to emphasize your impressive qualities and knowledge. This way, hiring managers can instantly recognize you.


As more and more people realize or need the diverse benefits of exercise or physical reduction, the need for fitness trainers, including sports medicine, will continue to grow. The fitness industry is booming, and with so many people keen on health and exercise, it is not surprising that interest in fitness trainers is growing. Those who work in these areas are usually both eager and passionate about helping clients of all ages and sports abilities reach or restore their physical potential. It is not unusual for them to be rival athletes or have sports skills, which often leads to the need to maintain closeness to the sports world. Click on any of the job titles below to see examples of sport resumes.

Transport & Logistics

The logistics and transport sector offers many different jobs for people of all career levels. From employees engaged in day-to-day operations at the warehouse to coordinating the international import and export of large corporations. Employees in this industry control the flow of goods around the globe. As our planet is becoming more globalized and is developing very fast, and people are increasingly buying things over the Internet, jobs in this area continue to grow. Employees in the transport industry combine customer service, vehicles and hard skill of driving . However, their job descriptions are rarely limited solely to transportation, since they often have to load and unload goods and maintain safe transportation conditions. Security is a key priority for those working in the transportation industry.