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  • Professionally written keywords-optimized and error-free Resume

  • Personalized Cover Letter

With this package you also get:

  • Two versions: .doc for ATS scanning and .pdf for printing purposes

  • Modern and ATS compatible design

  • Unlimited revisions within 45 days

  • Communication with your writer via emails at any time

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Full Makeover


  • Professionally written keywords-optimized and error-free Resume

  • Personalized Cover Letter

  • LinkedIn Profile .doc version

  • Targeted e-Cover Letter

  • Customized and tailored Thank you and Follow-Up letters

With this package you also get:

  • Modern and ATS compatible design

  • Two versions: .doc for ATS scanning and .pdf for printing purposes

  • Unlimited revisions within 45 days

  • Communication with your writer via emails at any time

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How is the first meeting of the employer and the applicant? The answer is simple - through a resume. That is why already at this stage of the job search you should stand out from the competition. We offer 5 best online services that will help you create an attractive resume and impress your employer.

  1. CV maker: a convenience constructor

This is a free resume writing and editing service. One of its main advantages is stylish minimalism of templates, simplicity, as well as an interface in Russian. To create your resume, you need to register. However, the system allows you to start working on your CV without registering, but in order to save it then you will still need to go through this procedure.

After registration, the user will have access to a kind of resume designer. All that needs to be done is to fill in the standard blocks: general information, work experience, qualifications, education, interests and recommendations. If you want to tell any additional information about yourself to the employer (for example, about your personal and professional qualities), then this can be done easily - the service allows you to add any other block as you wish. Another advantage is that you can swap blocks, placing emphasis the way you want it.

After you fill out all the necessary information, you can save your resume by choosing one of six templates (they differ in font and location of information on the page). You can save and download your resume in PDF, HTML and txt formats.

  1. Talent card: show yourself in all its glory

This service offers users to create the so-called talent card. So, all your skills, abilities, work experience will be presented in the form of graphs, charts and numbers (for example, one of the charts - where the person worked the most). To create a resume, the service offers to import information about itself from LinkedIn or Facebook, but immediately warns that the import function is in a testing state. You need to be prepared for the fact that you need to do professional resume editing, supplement or delete this or that information.

If you do not want to import anything, you can create a CV from scratch. To do this, you will need to fill out a block with personal information (name, contacts, level of desired salary and a brief description of yourself), information about education (both formal and informal), and your professional experience. You can also add your portfolio. Another offers is to make the so-called skill map. This is a chart in which your level of knowledge of foreign languages, programming languages, 1C, as well as personal qualities (for example, stress resistance, teamwork, decency, learning ability, etc.) will be displayed. In this case, you yourself must evaluate all of this, putting yourself one to five stars.

Another one “feature” of the service is the author’s test for determining the value type. Based on the test results, the employer will find out how ideological, emotional, materialistic and vitalistic you are. At the same time, which is convenient, at each stage of writing a resume, you can watch what happens. You can save and print your resume in PDF format.

  1. Pathbrite: Collage of Achievements

The creators of this service, primarily, focused on young professionals who are just starting their career paths, and so far they cannot boast of great professional experience. But on the other hand, they can demonstrate to the future employer all their creative potential - examples of work, experience of volunteering, study abroad, internships, etc.

The service allows you to talk about your skills, abilities and experience in the form of a collage that can be constantly updated. The result is a kind of visual history of achievements, the acquisition of experience and skills. When composing a collage, you can insert images (for example, certificates, certificates, photographs), text, documents (resumes, essays, recommendations), videos, as well as links. At the same time, which is convenient, you can import some files directly from your page from social networks, for example, photos from Facebook or recommendations on LinkedIn.

By the way, the page on Pathbrite is suitable not only for young people who dream of their first job. For experienced professionals, it can be a great addition to a standard resume.

  1. Revu: for fans of visualization

After a quick registration (you need to specify an email, password and choose a name for the link to the resume), the system immediately offers to import information about yourself from LinkedIn. Those who do not have a page in this professional network or have no desire to “load” information from there can skip this step.

All you need to do to create a resume  or for editing resume is to fill out the required fields. At the same time, you need to do this in as much detail as possible, because the service creates a timeline based on your information where your career path is displayed (by the way, you can even upload logos of the companies where you worked for greater visualization), and also creates infographics from your achievements, responsibilities, the evolution of skills, interests, knowledge of foreign languages, etc. In general, you can show a potential employer how they developed and grew in the process of work. You can also add portfolio, significant numbers, quotes to the visual summary.

  1. Google Templates: no troubles

If you don’t want to use certain services, you can create a resume using one of the Google templates. At the same time, here you can find templates not only for resumes but also for cover letters. Also here are summaries of other users - you can “peep” who and how structured information about yourself.

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