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With this package you also get:

  • Modern and ATS compatible design

  • Two versions: .doc for ATS scanning and .pdf for printing purposes

  • Unlimited revision within 45 days

  • Communication with your writer via emails at any time

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References are an integral part of the applicant’s resume or CV. Many writing experts claim that employers keep considering references as a good source of information when they look for new workers.

Often, this kind of a testimonial letter may serve you even more than your own description of a career path. For example, fellow-workers and teachers can list those personal features of yours that you left out. Even excellent references included won’t work well without proper examples. Every paper you are going to send to a company or a hiring agency has to be prepared in the uniform style.

Despite the fact that not every enterprise requires lists of references, applicants are used to finishing their letter with a section signaling that they will provide references upon request at any convenient time.

Therefore, you have to prepare a reference paper for a case you receive a request from a hirer. It is all right to create references in advance. Once being informed of these writing specifications, you will be able to respond to the employer’s request without delay. Moreover, you may use it for other companies adding necessary data to it.

This guideline is going to clear up major applicants concerns who put a question like “How can I write my reference paper?” It answers FAQs listed below:

  • When do I need to add reference lists?
  • What are the styling and formatting peculiarities?
  • How to create a reference page?
  • How many references should I attach to my CV?

Today employment agencies tend not to ask for listing references anymore as applicants used to provide weak recommendations created by themselves, not real individuals. Therefore, save your precious time and submit them only if it is requested in a job posting.

Normally, candidates should prepare no more than three reference letters, putting each on a separate sheet, no more. In the letter of recommendation, you cite info (contacts) of the referral people. Please, go and find a reference who knows you well enough as a professional. Then describe him the job advertised and specify your current career situation. You’d better give them a selected template or sample asking to particularize every characteristic feature of you.

They may also specify your duties and the way you handled them at a previous working place. Their core objective is to show that your talents and personal traits meet the company’s needs best. Relevance, clarity, and writer’s objective opinion are the things that will make your job application papers strong. When asking for recommendations from your previous workplace, you have to inform them that a hiring agency might contact them for acknowledgment.

Tricks to draw the employer’s attention to your references

Frankly speaking, not all employing officers are keen on reading resumes from start to finish. To hook the reader, it makes sense to place the strongest reference letter on the top. In other words, you select the sheets that better suit the company’s requirements. For example, when submitting papers for an assistant manager, you are to find those people who can characterize you as a creative, systematic worker with high-level analytical skills.


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Our website offers a variety of free downloadable templates and different sections where you will find essential information. Using an online resume builder or a template, you facilitate the process.

There are all kinds of job application samples available. You will surely find the type of letter you require. Use these tools wisely and compose powerful and convincing references.

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