One Page Resume - Writing Tips, Benefits and Suggestions

Job seekers often wonder how long a resume has to be. Some of them claim that the longer the better, while others include only significant data. Should I make my CV longer than one page? It’s a popular question, but it’s easy to answer. All depend on experience levels and job types, but the rule is that 1-page formats bring many benefits. Let’s find out more about them.


What Benefits You’ll Get

Want to get a job in a big company? Format your CV to be only 1 page long because it’s the best tactic to choose. In any case, you aren’t supposed to write a novel. Does it help? A concise CV is all you need to stand out. You’ll make it simple to read and ensure that it won’t be skipped by employers. No one wants to read resumes that contain two pages or more.

When to Use One Page Resume

If you still wonder whether to create your curriculum vitae in a single page, you definitely should. A short resume is preferred by most recruiters. However, when job listings require extensive work experience, you have to fit all applicable facts.

Some employers don’t expect candidates to describe the entire career history. Use your common sense and check out relevant examples. They’ll easily trach you how to end up with a prominent and brief list of all experiences. The main rule is to show all the employment data on one page.

Recommendations to Create a Concise Resume

According to employers, including unnecessary facts is a big mistake. They have several seconds to review applications. For example, most employers entrust the task of screening them to special software. They are too busy to read each one themselves. Make your story more focused to land future interviews. Don’t overburden it with useless details.

Cutting Irrelevant Info

Everything that you incorporate must be linked to a specific job posting, including your language, positions, etc. Job ads always contain special key phrases or words. Include them in your CV to create a positive impression.

What if you struggle to trim employment details to a single page? Create a summary of significant activities, achievements, etc. Make sure that you list them without extra details. Come up with a range of skills that enables you to succeed in the industry.

All qualifications must fit the chosen job. Assess its description to meet every requirement. Brainstorm suitable statement and include their focused version in a CV.

The first copy that you write is quite likely to be long. Your goal is to get rid of everything with minor facts. Stick to the facts that prove how you can add more value to a company. Use this checklist:

  • Include bullets and focus on achievements;
  • Don’t add the entire career history;
  • Don’t write too much about education or certificates;
  • Provide additional data online where applicable;
  • Avoid references unless these are required by job listings.


Where and When to Get Assistance

Do you find it hard to cut resume data? This task may not be as simple as some job seekers imagine. No one wants to risk the chance of getting hired. That’s why you’re likely to end up seeking expert help.

If you need a winning sample to guide your efforts, we’re here to help you. Our professional team has the expertise necessary to deliver a top-notch resume in the required length. Contact us now to get effective solutions to your urgent issues. Your employment future is in good hands if you choose our company!