Showing Multiple Positions on a Resume: Helpful Recommendations


Many job seekers choose multiple positions. They need a suitable resume to reflect each one while it must be impressive to beat competitors and bring them promotions. Otherwise, recruiters won’t call for an interview. This task isn’t always easy to complete. How to solve this problem? Look at these effective ways to put relevant information for a few jobs without making your CV look complex or broad.

Bullet Points

Time is everything when it comes to job searches. Hiring managers are hard to impress. To grab their interest, show them that you’re someone they’re looking for. All resumes must be tailored to a particular vacancy. Showing a few positions in the same CV is possible if you understand how to handle it. To present every position, showcase information in a list of bullets. Your resume will be easy to read with their help.

Review Positions

Create a short summary of different positions. This simple strategy will let employers know your level of expertise. Indicate it within a CV to increase the chance of working in a specific company. If you need promotion, prove that you can perform several tasks at once. Find useful examples and write a great resume based on them.

Look for Similarities

Show how two or more positions are interrelated. Otherwise, recruiters will receive the image that you like shifting jobs all the time. Customize your application to fit a specific industry. Remember that listing random work experiences at many companies will only create a wrong image.

Focus on Differences

There’s always some diversity in positions because it’s inevitable. Add more information showing how they are different. It can work wonders because you’ll send a message that you can perform numerous tasks and have a diverse range of skills so that everyone will want to hire you.

The Importance of Categorizing

Your resume shouldn’t be a statement of skills or experiences. For example, use it as an effective promotional tool that makes a huge difference in employment chances. It’s hard to achieve this goal without categorizing. Place information in common groups to make resumes easier to read.

Use formal language

There are certain terms used by professionals in all fields. Besides, job postings always contain useful keywords. Use them to make your application stand out. Its language should be comprehensive and professional. State employment details in simple words to get your points across successfully.

Leave a Good Impression

Multiple positions should prove that you like trying new things and you’re not afraid to face challenges. Companies are searching for candidates who aren’t afraid to risk. To get a job, prove that you can find effective solutions for any problem.


Final Words

Creating a resume isn’t a task that can be completing within five minutes, even if you have the best sample at hand. If you treat this task lightly, you lose excellent career opportunities. It takes time and effort to come up with job interviews. Many job seekers fail only because their resumes lack strengths or contain incorrect data.

Things are more complex when writing a job application for many positions. It takes careful consideration to fit everything in a single resume. This is when our top-quality services will come in handy. Entrust your employment future to our team of pros and they’ll never disappoint you.