Decide on how to use a military resume


Crafting papers for ex-militaries to civilian fields requires special knowledge. There are many examples from US veteran organizations; however, each case requires a special approach for a resume. Anyway, there are several steps that will help to decide on the paper writing:

  • Identify the field with desired jobs. The only thing important here is to decide on skills that are significant. It is a question whether or not to use them in the future job. If there were options in your military services that you actually liked – you can find them in civilian fields. Search the existing descriptions on special recruiting websites or direct websites of companies. At the same time, you can change everything and start doing something very different from your experience. Decide on plans after the transition
  • Look at the examples of resumes for the field that you appreciate and think about what you should put in yours. Keep in mind that civilian recruiters usually know nothing about military jobs. Thereby, if you want to describe the military specifics – use the example from the variety of civilian professions
  • Write only those skills that you can convert to the desired post. Mechanical listing of the existing qualities will only overload your writing. Focus on the features that include desired components
  • Avoid the dry language that is usual for retired army workers. Combine the advantages that you already received from your former experience and you desire to grow in the next profession. Always address the paper to a person who reads it and makes it interesting.

Avoid overloading in the structure

Looking through the resumes submitted to the position, recruiters have less than a minute to learn the resume. It makes no sense to craft papers that took more than two pages. No need to list in your paper everything you did before. Mention those achievements that you are particularly proud of. Moreover, they need to be connected to the vacancy. Write down the recent positions that you held focusing on those related to your desired job too.

Try to keep about the one-page size since it is perfect for many reasons. People who review these resumes have whole packs of them, so brevity is welcome – to kill their boredom. Like practice says, individual candidates can be discarded just since the resume is too long; the text itself is not even looked at.

Change the resume depending on the position

The resume is not something solid and it should be very flexible. It is strongly recommended to modify the paper in accordance with the desired position. This way you will show you respect to a possible employer. Also, change the text with paying attention to keywords from the company you want to go to. This way you can better highlight exactly those skills that are required for this job. List them first, because such keywords work only on top. Add info about the army duties you have worked on and that are demonstrated in the civilian description.

Use LinkedIn. It seems that many people can't stand LinkedIn, but many recruiters use this tool. Update your profile, add skills (in simple language). Sometimes you can get a job only because of your profile. Also, a good profile can save you time to fill out a vacancy response: sometimes you can pre-fill it based on data from a LinkedIn profile.


Place the contacts in the beginning

Your personal data must be clearly visible because recruiters have no time to look at how to contact you. It should catch the eye. Anyway, if you are not sure about your paper, or they don’t work – use our assistance. We will provide a working paper that will increase your chances in times.