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Medical customer service resume

A medical customer is a profession of a new generation. Its main functions are the presentation and promotion of medicines, medical supplies or medical equipment by establishing communications with medical institutions, pharmacies, doctors. This employee is the face of the company. When selecting employees for the position of medical representative, employers pay attention to all points of the completed questionnaire. After all, the vacancy has quite diverse directions.
The applicant must have not only higher education, but also possess the qualities that will ensure a high level of sales. Therefore, in Medical customer service resume when assessing professional skills and individual characteristics, it is important to concentrate on the most significant facts of the autobiography.
For such a position, employers set special requirements related to the specifics of the activity, therefore it is important to create a representative and competitive resume. Here the main will be a block with skills and education. As a rule, education should be higher medical or pharmaceutical, sometimes technical, it all depends on the characteristics of the product. It is useful to have additional education in stock - courses, seminars, conferences, everything related to product promotion, building communications, knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Medical customer service resume

Requirements for an objective medical customer:

  • The presence of secondary or higher pharmaceutical education;
  • Work experience in medical activity for at least 1 year;
  • Negotiation skills, the ability to easily establish contact and build long-term partnerships;
  • Confident work with the PC: a word, to excel, the Socket;
  • Experience in conducting educational presentations;
  • Proficiency in a foreign language is not a mandatory factor, but its knowledge can play a decisive role in employment;
  • Own sales skills, knowledge of the basics of drug trade;
  • A driver's license is desirable.
  • Knowledge of the stages of a drug visit


  • Promotion of pharmacological medicines in the market;
  • Informing the client about the advantages and disadvantages of the medicine, the advantages of its use;
  • Establishing business relations with partners and collecting the necessary information;
  • An analysis of customer needs and a forecast of the level of sales of manufactured products;
  • Conducting professional pharmacological consultations for representatives of medical institutions;
  • Keeping a sales book of used products. How to create a resume for a medical representative

In the summary of the medical representative, every detail is important. Therefore, before starting filling out the questionnaire items, it is necessary to arm yourself with information sources that will simplify the task in compiling a unique autobiographical portrait.

To fill out the form you will need:

  • Presentable photo. The medical representative is the face of the company whose products he promotes. In this regard, it is advisable to prepare a portrait that will reflect the seriousness, neatness and some attractiveness. The most correct way to prepare a professional photo in a business style.
  • Documents confirming the level of education, passing courses, seminars, and trainings corresponding to the chosen area of activity. This information will provide the correct filling in the names of institutions, companies, organizing firms and the time frame of training.
  • Information resources, recommendations. If your previous employer has his own website, it will be useful to include a link to it in the resume. This is done so that your potential superiors have an idea of what products you have already worked with. However, special attention is always paid to the availability of recommendations that characterize you as a valuable employee.
  • Contact information (phone numbers, instant messengers, e-mail).

When acquainting with a resume, most employers want to see the clause on the amount of wages filled out. An experienced specialist will not be difficult to adequately assess their capabilities. The desired level of salary of the medical representative should be justified by appropriate experience, professional skills, and the continuous expansion of the range of opportunities.

Medical Representative Experience

The presence of experience in the field of direct sales is the main criterion for choosing a representative of a company engaged in the distribution of medical goods. When filling out this section, it is important: specificity, brevity, reliability of information.

Lack of work experience

If you decide to suddenly change your field of activity, then when creating a resume for the position of medical representative, you should indicate the experience as close as possible to the requirements of the employer.

Students and people without any length of service should act a little differently. In the information posted, the employer should see a motivated person who is ready to learn and grow professionally. The focus should be on basic skills, a description of the projects that you headed at the university, cover letters.

The ability to run away is one of the main qualities of a medical representative, so why not use this skill when applying for a job.

Medical representative education

The position of medical representative is quite multifaceted. Applicants with medical, economic, psychological education can occupy it.

Preference is given to graduates of higher educational institutions. Filling out this section requires the full name of the university, institute, academy, faculty and specialty. Do not forget about the training period. Information on additional courses, trainings, seminars relevant to this specialty is also welcome.

Unfortunately, most experts believe that training and education is enough to find a good profession. However, they do not understand that the number of people wishing to get a profession is much greater than the number of vacancies, which reduces the chance of getting a job. Creating a good resume is especially important for those who have no medical experience. It is known that hiring managers take only 30 seconds to look at the resume, evaluate the candidate and decide whether to invite him for an interview or no. Nowadays there are many medical resume writing services, so as not to waste your free time you can contact such services and be sure that your resume may be of interest to the employer.

The steps to order a medical resume writing are objectively simple:

  • First you need to indicate your requirements, the possibility of expectation, the choice of the medical field in which you are interested.
  • The next step is to find a professional author with extensive experience who is versed in the medical field. You can choose the author by yourself.
  • The advantages of medical resume writing services are that the author will correct, supplement, replace the resume until you are 100% satisfied.
  • Privacy policy. Your face and payment details are not transferred to anyone, you can be sure of the confidentiality of this work;
  • Services guarantee that your resume will be filled out and delivered by the time you specify in your order.

If writing is not your strong point and you want to make sure that hiring managers will notice you, then contact us right now and forget about stress and worries.

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