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LinkedIn profile writing service is a very useful social network for a career, which is not very popular in Ukraine yet. However, it is known abroad, through its often looking for employees in international companies and even invite foreign universities to study. LinkedIn profile writing service is not a trendy social network. Not bright. Not noisy. The "sleeping titan of social networks" has christened it in the English press. However, despite this "quietness", LinkedIn is an exerting sea and more influence, linking head hunters and job seekers, recruiters, colleagues, competitors, brands and entire industries. LinkedIn has been growing slowly but steadily since 2002, it has already been working in 19 languages and is being selected for the mark of 200 million users.

LinkedIn profile writing service

Your profile, as many consumers think, is not the online equivalent of a resume. Although it looks like this, it is more and more interesting than a regular resume. Your LinkedIn profile writer, as a builder, help you with creating your story, ambitions and personal brand, bypassing the limited capabilities that usual resume provides. It also serves as a business card where other consumers decide to add you to their professional network.

Employ your LinkedIn profiles to add features to your image that may not display your usual CV. LinkedIn resume writer proposes various features based on your profile information and the profiles of other members to help you achieve your goals. The most complete profile on LinkedIn will help you find a lot of possibilities.

How does LinkedIn Work?

To entrance the service you need the Internet and a computer. You can also visit from mobile devices for convenience, particular applications for Android or IOS have been developed. They are downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Writing a LinkedIn profile


To start using, you need to go to the site and register create an account. It is worth considering that this is professional communication and opportunities. Therefore, it is acceptable to indicate complete information that may be of interest to employers. And the automated search for interesting vacancies and the circle of contacts offered by the service works based on this data. There is also such a thing as "profile efficiency". It is measured as a percentage from 1 to 100. The higher they are, previously the profile will be shown in the search results. To get the maximum, you have to fill in all the proposed fields:

  • Photo;
  • Place of residence;
  • Education;
  • Current and two previous job positions;
  • Skills and qualifications;
  • Interests;
  • General information.


There is an option "View More", which opens additional lines for filling. A profile is a summary of all the information you need. The network functions provide registered users with the possibility to build and sustain business contacts, which may be invitations from the site or from the outside, but in this case, and previous introduction with the contacts is required. If the user does not have a direct connection with the contact, then for presentation you can use another contact. LinkedIn's consumers can apply their contact list for different goals:

  • for presentation through existing contacts expanding;
  • to find people, companies;
  • for publishing professional resumes and job search;
  • to be hired;
  • for publication of vacancies;
  • to create interest groups;
  • Additional features of LinkedIn profile are the publication of information about upcoming business trips, conferences, read books.

Paid Account

The network offers enhanced functionality when buying a paid account on the portal. Its features:

  • You can see who was viewing the profile.
  • Advanced search filters;
  • Saving user profiles in folders;
  • Add notes and additional contact details to saved profiles
  • More detailed information about other users.

The cost of premium access is several tens dollars or euros per month (from $24.95). For an average person, this amount can be high, and the proposed functions are not so important. But companies, recruiters, hiring agents will appreciate them in full. Finding the right candidate among many others will be more convenient and easier. Placement of vacancies on LinkedIn is paid, but for those who cannot afford this, you may use the corporate page on the social network. "Creating a corporate page on the site and posting the vacancy there it is the best chance to get a good job" recommend the HR manager. But then it's worth adding all the employees to the group, otherwise the page looks abandoned and unauthorized. Based on our experience, on LinkedIn, professionals recommend each other much more often than on other social networks and over the phone.

Why do we use LinkedIn?

Most use LinkedIn as an online resume that future employers can see. A social network may help a business solve a number of important tasks besides finding employees. For example, to build communication with partners without spending extra time. In fact, LinkedIn profile writing service is a truly working tool for sales and building relationships with customers, as well as with people who are useful for business. LinkedIn's profile helps companies in hiring employees, partners and is indispensable for communicating on professional topics. Through LinkedIn, you can gather the indispensable specialists for the event: using the search, specifying the industry and position, or through the professional community, filtering by the necessary contacts. LinkedIn Information Matters Everything

The more beneficial and high-quality information you can learn from the user profile, the more effective usage of the service will be. Do not be lazy to fill out a profile in detail: indicate not only the company, position and years of work, but also responsibilities, skills, achievements. It makes sense to indicate your interests so that the profile looks more human. They provide a good topic for small talk in a telephone conversation or face-to-face meeting and help the candidates talk during interviews.

Star Rating

So, on Linkedin there is a certain system of rating profiles and even the capacity to turn your profile on “All Star”, which increases its chances of being noticed. To do this, you must:

  • have a profile photo,
  • have at least 50 connections (friends),
  • specify at least three skills,
  • indicate the area and location,
  • fill in the current position (with a description at the beginning),
  • indicate the education and the last three positions.
  • Finding a Good Job on LinkedIn.

Some simple and effective tips:

LinkedIn job search can be divided into two stages: active and passive. The active phase allows you to find vacancies yourself, while the passive one helps recruiters find you faster than other candidates. For the second stage, it is very important to increase the number of views of your profile.

Job Subscription

Like any job search site, LinkedIn allows you to sign up for new jobs, since the likelihood that the recruiter will look at the resume is higher for those who responded in advance.

Write recommendations

LinkedIn has the option to "Write a recommendation" or "Ask for recommendations." You can write 3-5 recommendations to your colleagues and ask them to write an answer. Recruiters in the form of recommendations will conclude that you are a competent specialist (it will give you 3-5 extra points out of 100).

There are also tips to assist you increase your position in search results. When a recruiter searches for an appropriate phrase, such as java developer, he wants to find candidates who do this. The higher your ranking in search results, the sooner you will catch the eye of the employer.

The search engine ranking is influenced by many factors:

  • number of contacts;
  • the number of common contacts with those who are looking for;
  • names of positions, companies, projects;
  • textual information inside the profile, etc.
  • Therefore, the tips below will help you increase your ranking in search results.

Write achievements

One answer to the question of how to find a good job is to make your resume more attractive by describing your own achievements. Recruiters when looking for candidates can see 100-200 resumes. Few write in the summary of achievements, so if you have written them in yourself, your chances of being selected for further contact will increase. Achievements must be written in the form of completed actions. In this case, it is desirable to indicate numbers, percentages, and so on.

More keywords are better

Each vacancy has certain keywords that are the basis of the social network. It’s important to keep in mind that LinkedIn is a database where recruiters and employers search for people based on keywords. Therefore, it is very considerable to use keywords by which a potential employer can find you.

The photo

Although LinkedIn is a social network, it is still professional. Therefore, the photograph should be, as in the summary: 70-80% should be occupied by the face. In general, thoughts about whether there is a preference for profiles and resumes with photographs of discrimination differ. But when it comes to LinkedIn, the presence of a photograph increases the rating, which means the chances that potential employers will notice the profile.

Knowing how to use LinkedIn, you increase your chances of finding interesting job offers, partners and colleagues for communication. This social network, unlike others, will not take time for outside activities: viewing photos, advertising and other content that absorbs time.

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  • Professionally written keywords-optimized and error-free Resume

  • Personalized Cover Letter

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With this package you also get:

  • Modern and ATS compatible design

  • Two versions: .doc for ATS scanning and .pdf for printing purposes

  • Unlimited revisions within 45 days

  • Communication with your writer via emails at any time

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