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Are you a student or law graduate? Then you came to the right place. Read our instructions on how to properly compose a legal resume and create your own cool resume.
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Legal resume writing service


If you want to become a lawyer from scratch, carefully study the entry-level vacancies and weigh what you already know and what else you need to study. For example, a person with experience in document management can become an assistant to a lawyer if he studies the law, and even further you can grow in the legal sphere in other areas. But we cannot but emphasize that higher education is an important point for employers; and in the future, perhaps, the possibilities of lawyers without a higher education will be greatly limited.

Work experience

Many companies and law firms are happy to accept students and recent graduates to transfer routine job duties to them. Of course, at first it will be boring to sort through documents for days, but without it, nowhere is experience and an opportunity to see the real side of work. Students can apply for internships - whether paid or not - or to work under a fixed-term employment contract before graduation. Recent graduates with zero or little experience are awaiting the position of assistant lawyer or associate lawyer.

If there is any experience, everything is simple correctly describe it. Read more about this in our article. But to write a resume of a lawyer without experience will be more difficult, but also real. Remember everything that you studied at the university: what documents were considered, cases were taken apart, laws were studied.

If you have many years of experience in legal practice, then do not completely describe it in a resume. It is enough to talk about 3-4 previous places of work (in separate blocks) or about the experience over the past 10 years.

  • Prepared (a) more than 15 lawsuits in a month;
  • Settled (a) 70% of conflicts in the pretrial order;
  • Conducted (a) examination of more than 30 contracts per month: purchase and sale, insurance, lease;
  • Represented the interests of the company in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction and magistrates' courts in civil and administrative cases, in total - 11.

As you can see, in each of the options measured results are used - the number of claims, the percentage of resolved conflicts, the number of contracts. Regardless of the field, employers like to see visual results.

Professional skills

The most important lawyer skill for a resume is knowledge of the law. The remaining knowledge is also important, but not so much. What else do employers want to see in a lawyer’s resume:

  • Knowledge of the basics of civil law, bankruptcy law, arbitration process, etc .;
  • Programs: Word, Excel;
  • Skills in drafting contracts, procedural documents, analytical reports and other documents;
  • Litigation knowledge;
  • Competent language for writing documents and communicating with clients and partners;
  • Business correspondence skills.

Agree, Word and Excel are quite possible to study well on their own. Examples of necessary documents can be viewed on the Internet and ask the teacher at the university to explain the subtleties.


Jurisprudence is not Internet marketing, it’s hard to manage online courses here: you won’t be able to get fundamental legal and legal knowledge while sitting at home. But you can always enrich a lawyer's resume with information about some interesting and informative course. Names of courses from eminent universities will attract the attention of a recruiter.

Rules for resume writing

The rules for compiling and executing a resume are the same for any profession:

  • Avoid overly creative design;
  • Use readable fonts;
  • Clearly record achievements and responsibilities, preferably with a list;
  • Download your resume in a format that will be conveniently viewed on any device.

To design a resume for a lawyer, you should not choose bright design colors and use templates. Stick to classics and restrained colors: black, gray, dark blue.

Covering letter

We remind you once again - with a cover letter, young specialists can at least somehow smooth out a little experience or its complete absence. Of course, provided that the cover letter is really catchy. Tell us in a cover letter about your motivation and professional dreams: you want to develop in this particular company, consider only the banking sector for study, etc. Often, it is a cover letter that is crucial in selecting candidates.

What you do not need to write about:

About all subjects from the educational program;

About experience that has nothing to do with future job responsibilities. For example, working as a waiter or promoter. But work as a secretary can be indicated if you have worked with documents and communicated with partners of the company;

About non-core courses. A long list of training courses on marketing or development will lead the recruiter to wonder that maybe you are going to change the scope of your business.

Remember that for a lawyer, such qualities as responsibility, attentiveness, stress tolerance, analytical thinking, diligence, determination, perseverance are important. Include in the resume those that you possess.

We created this short list of useful services that can help you write your resume.

Here is a list of the best legal resume writing service:

  • Find My Profession
  • Bryce Legal
  • Windhof Careers
  • Shimmering Careers
  • Monaco Writing
  • The Career Strategy Group
  • Distinctive Career Services
  • Do My Resume.Net
  • Career Ladders Inc.
  • Resume Professional Writers

Before choosing a professional resume service, be sure to carefully read all the available samples so that you can get an idea of the marketing value that they can offer you. Your resume and other positioning documents are your keys to getting the job you want, the salary you deserve.

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With this package you also get:

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