A high school resume for college application

Applying after school to college is a responsible step. There is a useful tool to make the right impression on the commission - a high school resume. Since such paper works for people who usually have no working experience, it should solve the problem – demonstrate all needed qualities from a small number of facts. Anyway, all participants in the competition are in the same conditions, so there is nothing impossible. Crafting can go on two possible scenarios:

  • The narrative style that demonstrates the internal world of a person with a help of some factual information. An applicant demonstrates his or her previous successful issues and delivers his position. This approach is useful for candidates with effective scores and achievements that improve the impression. Without such elements, there is no sense to follow this specific style of writing
  • The traditional style of paper writing. This way is effective in fields that include humanities-based programs. Such option shows fewer details and aimed to highlight only the most significant. With not so many categories, focus on leadership issues


Important elements for the paper

There is no exact form of crafting the paper, however, there are elements that should be in it for sure. Knowing of such elements is mandatory, because some colleges may not use applications at all if they miss some information. The paper starts with contacts of an applicant, name. After that, the text usually consists of academic info. You can show your scores and other characteristics on this matter. In addition to info, student includes things that worry him or her in the field. This can be something that he or she is going to study later or build a career in the world.

Most colleges give preferences to students with inspiring sports achievements. Use this idea if you have some outstanding sports achievements. Demonstrate something to prove that you can play for college and get awards to your team. This chapter is also connected to leadership issues. Show your abilities and make a separate chapter of this if it makes sense. Anyway, you can combine this section with other.

Don’t forget to provide your previous outstanding activities. Since college applicants usually have no other examples, clever student find useful information from the highschool example. Tell about volunteering activities to prove your approach. Include additional knowledge that might look useful.

Useful tips on writing an app

Admissions seniors are the same people as you, who get bored after thousands of cliché. When creating your entrance application, try to make it interesting and inspiring. However, always stick to a format traditional in the sphere. Resumes should be concise. Keep the info on a user level and create a text without useless info. Good admission resume works if you write it with inspiration.

Professional assistance

The question of how to make a working text is opened. The objective is different in each case but works if prepared correctly. It is not enough to list some facts because it will never touch the audience. Formats that each senior injury takes are also different. Put all important issues on the top and include things you like is not enough for the commission. Use our service to get a working summary.