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Resume Example for Golf Instructor

How to Write Golf Instructor Resume

It is known that the success of the team or the achievement of an athlete depends on the professionalism of the coach. Behind the victories of Olympic champions or regional teams are daily workouts and strict work schedules. Same logic is behind the golf players' success. There is someone, who made them winners. Even though in 2019 a lot of people consider golf to be rather a recreational activity than a sport.

Job description

What are the duties of a golf instructor?

  • Develop high-quality golfing instructions and offer courses to private employers.
  • To instruct on the game of golf at the highest level.
  • Coordinate classes, work a golf shop, golf course and other necessary departments.
  • Hold classes for club members and seminars every two months.
  • To conduct private lessons, weekly in shifts to give private lessons.
  • To conduct promotional seminars and classes.
  • Attend the required meetings.


Responsibility for their students is the key role of a mentor in any sport. In golf, infrequently, but injuries occur, so before each lesson, we must pass an introductory briefing on safety.

Luci Peters

Resume Example for Golf Instructor

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