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Career change cover letter

Every person has this moment when he/she realises they need to make a change. Sometimes you feel it should be something minor like having a haircut or trying to do morning exercises. However, there are occasions when we strive for more. Your morning begins with the thought how exhausted you are and your will to go to work is below zero. If you recognise yourself in this situation, probably an idea of a career change is emerging in your mind. Our company completely understands that. Major career shifts have become common in today’s job market and we are here to support you with your choice.
There is a variety of reasons for the career shift, for instance, you want to enter a new sphere or industry or pivot to a new career path in your current field.
Switching to another job may be the greatest decision of your life, yet on the entry level you may face some difficulties. Writing your career change cover letter is likely to be the first hurdle on the new way.

Career change cover letter

What can we do for you?

The importance of career transition cover letter cannot be overestimated. You might ask why as your ace of trumps is resume with impressive qualifications and accomplishments? The answer is very simple. If you are embarking a new sphere, your resume will presumably represent the employment history of your previous career. Unfortunately, it may be irrelevant for the new job position. As a result, a persuasive career change cover letter becomes inevitable element that will help you to land on numerous interviews and desired job. Moreover, career transition cover letter will be the first touchpoint you will have with a potential recruiter in which you will be able to introduce yourself beneficially and as well as provide examples why you are the greatest candidate for the required position.

Making a career change seems very thrilling and intriguing. However, you may struggle a lot in the time-consuming process of writing and preparing yourself to the new field of work. A number of challenges arise as the consequences of switching the position or professional area. In order to achieve best results, during the entry level you spend time determining new goals, communicating with people who are acquainted with the prospective work and developing necessary skills and abilities. Thus, your examples of career change cover letters may not fulfill all the necessary requirements or not be persuasive enough for the possible employer. That is why we are willingly accompany you through all the stages of writing a perfect transition cover letter. From the general examples to the tiniest details we are here to provide support and attention to every word. We work to create an image that highlights all your strengths and becomes more appealing to the potential recruiter.

On our website you can see a few samples that show what do we mean. Please, fell free to look through them at https://resumeget.com/resume-examples.

Some of key points how to write a cover letter for a career change

A cover letter for career transition should demonstrate why fit this job position, though you basically didn’t have corresponding work history as well as highlight advantages of former career and skills.In this part, you’ll find out how to write a persuasive career transition cover letter that could help you land a job in a new sphere.

The career change cover letter is the most significant part of the job application, especially for those who are switching careers. However, to boost your chances to land on the dream job you need to know some peculiarities of writing it. Here is a list of some tips for you check before writing engaging career change cover letter to make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. Moreover, in the end you can find a few samples to see the way this type of letters should look like.

  • Everything genius is simple

The main general tip is keep your cover letter simple. Do not over-explain or exaggerate. It should clear and accurate. There is no need to use tons of descriptive words or share your detailed history of life.

  • Customize

While your resume shows a general overview on the employment history, your career change cover letter can highlight benefits of it as well as explanation for the career shift. Remember that your history and experience are unique, so use it. Demonstrate that previous career is actually the basis that makes you the best candidate for this job and it is not your weakness, but vice versa a primary strength that other applicants don’t own.

As a finale, you can explain reasons for switching from the previous career and give your opinion how it can help you to develop at the new job position. You can also add a few words to show your desire for evolving new skills.

  • Express your enthusiasm for the new career

It is something that more qualified candidates might be lack of. New experience is always fascinating, you are full of energy and excitement. In your career transition cover letter you may persuade them that the new blood with fresh ideas and mindset is what they are actually in need of. Months and years of working in the same field or industry may it a routine, whether at the entry level each and every situation is absolutely new. Also, make sure that you demonstrated your knowledge of company’s work and you feel passionate to receive an opportunity to become a part of it. This means you need to carefully examine the organization before you start writing your transition cover letter. 

  • Prioritize cover letter on your transferable skills

The main point for the career change cover letter is to focus on potential company and sphere. That is why concentration on transferable skills is the crucial one. Instead of general list of your skills and abilities it is necessary to highlight those that are related to and could be applied into the new position. Also, briefly give specific examples that will serve as evidence of your development and positive influence on your career change. It is a good idea former to writing to check the specific features that the company is expecting and try to find those that coincide with your experience. A good piece of advice is better do not try to use topics you are not acquainted with. And of course, do not apologize for abilities you don’t obtain.  Their vitality is a topic for discussion.

  • Assemble all together

Write closing remarks to summarize everything that was said previously. Use your closing sentences to tailor your cover letter nice and neat.

Career change cover letter samples

If you have any concerns, we offer you to check some samples of career change cover letters on our website to get a full picture how they should look like as well as be inspired for your own transition cover letter.

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