Don’t be mistaken about crafting a bartender resume

Outside the field, the bartender’s job seems to be not so complicated as, for example, banking. However, this is totally not true, since this sphere needs sometimes even more accuracy and careful approach. Here are some of the key elements that need to be highlighted in the resume:

  • Ability to manage communication on the highest level. Unlike waiters, bartenders should communicate with clients, since it improves the service. Companies strive to hire experienced people in this position since it increases orders. Moreover, their goal is to remember clients, make a friendly connection with them and learn both how to listen and to tell stories;
  • Any professional worker needs to know what is in his bar. During the hot hours, there is no time at all for looking to a menu or to going to a storeroom. Mandatory knowledge of what you have in your bar is not what can be discussed connected to this position. Thereby, a good memory and accuracy is the hot skills;
  • Knowledge and experience in how to produce great cocktails. A big share of all work on this position is in making cocktails. Surely, it depends on the specific bar, however, cocktails are always popular;
  • Barista skills are nowadays often connected to bartending. Thereby, it is good when applicants have this point in their resumes. If you know how to make coffee and have real practice in that, it is a good idea to mention such experience.


What is also important, bartenders need to deal with cash, cash documents, bookkeeping. Surely, in some companies work only cashless. However, experience in cash responsibility is useful in such kind of paper. You should also mention if you have some inventory skills and prove it with some factual information. If you made some changes in the technological process of your previous positions, it can interest your new employers.

Factual prove in the paper

Always prove your sentences with facts, otherwise, it will look like you are trying to come up with some story that is useful for you. Make such process usual for all your personal documents. It will improve your image in recruiter’s eye, moreover, it will be easier to decide what information to use in the paper. Such an approach will show that the applicant is ready to keep his promises.

Show that you are able to grow

Nowadays, companies need workers who are ready to learn new, to invent new, and able to manage new technologies. The last one is especially important since technologies change every year. Surely, this is not obvious for bartending, but it is here too for sure. Thereby, demonstrate that you strive to become better. Show all your courses, seminars, and everything else that improves you as a professional. If you are a member of any association or have participated in bartender competitions, add examples to your resume.

Popular mistakes in the paper

There is no need to duplicate functional responsibilities here. Otherwise, there will be the same duties in different workplaces. However, every job has its own nuances, and you need to include this information in your paper. You don’t need to indicate other positions that are not connected to the desired job. For example, you can tell that you were a barista, but there is no need to include the bank teller position.

Why you need professional help

Unfortunately, almost all professions are connected with a lack of knowledge in self-promotion. We just don’t learn how to write effective resumes as we should learn. Thereby, we often cannot manage how to present ourselves. Use our service to get the best paper that will provide an outstanding result.